Speeches - 12th Brazil AgrochemShow

Sao Paulo, August 6th & 7th


Factories Shut Down in China
Mr. Jalen Fan
Deputy Director, CCPIT (China)
USA - China Trade War: Who Wins ?
Dr. Paul Smith, PhD.
CEO, SRM Chemical (USA)
India Increasing Manufacturing and Exports of Agrochemicals
Mr. Narendra C. Rane, MSc.
COO &Global II, INDOFIL (India)
Brazilian Macroeconomic Scenario
Dr. Marco Saravalle, MSc.
Investment Strategist, Banco Safra (Safra Group)
Opportunities in Non Crop Market
Dr. Robinson Pitelli, PhD.
Researcher at ECOSAFE
Former Professor at UNESP
Perspectives in Agrochemical Registration
Dr. Carlos Venâncio
Coordenator of General Coordination of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil
Alternative Methods of Experimentation
Dr. Caio A. de Almeida, PhD.
Toxicological Safety Evaluation Manager, ANVISA
Post Registration of Technical Product Equivalent
Dr. Ester Obrecht Bensadon
Environmental Anayst, IBAMA
Complexicity in the Pesticide Regulatory Process
Mr. Flavio Hirata. MBA
Consultant, AllierBrasil

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